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Julian Maple-Oliveira

Born in São Paulo-Brazil in 1993, Julian Maple-Oliveira studied Music Composition with enfaces in Electroacoustic Composition by the São Paulo State University (Unesp) with Alexandre Lunsqui and Flo Menezes and at the “Ecole d’Art Américaine de Fontainebleau” with François Paris and Allain Gaussin. His production includes, mostly, works for acoustic instruments with the use of electronic means. He has received prizes and mentions for his works, including, among others, “Honorary Mention” in the “Concours International de Composition Electroacoustique de Monaco – CICEM 2016”, the “FUNARTE” Prize in Contemporary Classical Music in 2014 and the Second and Third Prizes in the “MUSICACOUSTICA INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION – BEIJING 2017”. Julian is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Music Composition at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Netherlands.


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