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Hodiernal Quartet

Ho-di-er-nal: (ˌhɒdɪˈəːn(ə)l,ˌhəʊdɪˈəːn(ə)l/) adj. of or relating to the present day

The Hodiernal Quartet is a non-traditional string quartet comprised of Belemir Baran (violin), Orestis Willemen (guitars), Alfian Adytia (cello), and Cody Takács (electric and double bass). Founded in 2016 in Den Haag (NL), this string quartet is devoted to performing works written solely by living composers including original compositions of their own. Thus far, they have collaborated with young composers including David Azaglo, Ivan Babinchak, Emil Tan Erten, Paolo Griffin, Lise Morrison, and Berk Özdemir and have also performed works by Peter Ablinger, Louis Andriessen, Terry Riley, and Jukka Tiensuu. With repertoire ranging between traditional and graphic scores, fixed and improvised music, acoustic and amplified, and multi-media works, the Hodiernal Quartet knows no limits.
The Spring Festival 2018 is the first occasion in which HQ collaborates with the Royal Conservatoire in an effort to give the opportunity to young composers to explore the possibilities of such a unique and peculiar instrumentation.


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