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Georgi Sztojanov

Georgi Sztojanov (1985)

Singer, composer

After getting his second MA in composing, the multi talented musician decided to follow a bachelor course in Singing with Sasja Hunnego in the Royal Conservatory Den Haag, where he obtained his MA in singing with distinction.

One of his specialties is modern music.
In April 2017 he sung the Tenor Solo in ‘De Materie’ from Louis Andriessen with conductor Reinbert de Leeuw and Asko|Schönberg ensemble.
In 2018 he was ‘Michael’ in ‘Invasion-Explosion’ from Stockhausen’s ‘Aus Licht’ in Dutch National Opera.
He will sing this role, and also ‘Michaels Jugend’ in the mega-production of the whole cycle on Holland Festival.
He was part of many first premieres, also in staged productions, such as playing the leading role of ‘As’ in ‘Who’s afraid of Orfeo?’ (Chiel Meijering), leading role ‘Metaphrastes’ in ‘All rise’ (Jan-Peter de Graaff) and the ‘Tenor Cow’ in Koeien’ (Mischa Mengelberg/ Guus Jansen.)
He is also active as oratorical solist: Mozart: Requiem, Dvorak: ‘Svatebni Kosile’, Weil: ‘Das Berliner Requiem’, Bach: ‘Magnificat’.
He had masterclasses with Nadine Secunde, Marcel Reijans and Frans Fiselier.
Georgi is also and experienced choir singer (World Youth Choir, Tenso Europe Chamber Choir, Laurens Collegium) and is a member of Dutch Radio Choir.

His works as composer exhibit a wide spectrum of genres and styles: from opera to oratorio, vocal to instrumental, songs, choir works, ensembles and solos, music theatre pieces, applied music for theatre and film, and educational works for choirs exploring choir improvisational techniques (The Silesius Etudes).
As a composer his main interest is also vocal music, he holds the Tenso Young Composers Award from 2014.

His interest shows a broad scale of genres and styles, both as solo and/or ensemble singer, composer, coach and vocal and instrumental improviser.

He is also a a mediator between composers and singers – after his excellent master research ‘Building Bridges Between the Contemporary Composer and the Classically-trained singer’. He gives a course in vocal composing and modern ensemble singing in the Royal Conservatory Den Haag. He is also the vocal coach in Young Composers Meeting Apeldoorn with Orkest Ereprijs.

Photo by Alp Klanten

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