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But What About

“But What About..” is a young, international ensemble with a focus on exploring new horizons in contem-porary music. Due to our different international and musical backgrounds (classical, jazz, and theater), we aim for diverse programming, every time investigating a certain topic. In this way, we can bring new music to new audiences. In March 2016, we were honoured to win the Grote Kamermuziekprijs, providing us with two concerts and prize money to spend on the development of our ensemble.

Because of our unusual instrumentation (with accordion and singer), there are not many suitable pieces, but we made this a challenge to come up with various ways to make it work, like the use of processed sound and occasional guest players.

This variety in settings and musical styles makes it possible for us to perform not only in traditional halls, but many different venues, also depending on the programme. Until the summer, we have many projects already, playing in exams, festivals and competitions. In this way, we try to put ourselves out in the world, starting with the Netherlands.

Antonio Pierna – percussion

Julián Sarmiento – double bass

Vincent Martig – (bass) clarinet

Wilco Oomkes – accordion



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