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Spring Festival Countdown

Spring Festival Countdown #4

Apr 03, 2018

Only six days remain until the beginning of the 51stSpring Festival at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.

As well as new works from the students of the department, there will be concerts showcasing works from composers such as Jan Boerman; who not only taught at the Conservatory, but was the Dutch pioneer of electronic music. In addition to this Diderik Wagenaar will present his new work and play pieces by Thelonious Monk. Igor Stravinsky’s music is going to be featured too!

If you cannot wait these last few days, come to Orgelpark in Amstrdam on Friday and Saturday! There will be two special concerts featuring works by Royal Conservatoire students Juanlu Montoro, Paolo Griffin, Vitalis Karagkezidis and Jaunmi Moreno Camacho, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire students Hugo Bell, Peter Bell, Georgia Denham and Henryk Golden, as well as Gilius van Bergeijk, Howard Skempton and Cornelius Cardew.

So much to look forward to…

Blog by: Patrick Ellis

Spring Festival Countdown

Spring Festival Countdown #3

Mar 27, 2018

This is the third countdown blog, which means that we are now less than two weeks away from the beginning of the 2018 Spring Festival!

A few weeks ago composition students were asked to write the titles or phrases that described their pieces in the the upcoming festival. If you look around the Conservatoire building, you will be able to find postcards that have these titles or phrases.

Can’t wait unti the Spring Festival? Then come along to the CASS concert this evening at 7:30pm, in the Kees van Baarenzaal, featuring new diverse works from the Composition, Art Science and Sonology departments.

Blog by: Patrick Ellis

Spring Festival Countdown

Spring Festival Countdown #2

Mar 20, 2018

The second of the Spring Festival Countdown Blogs! (view the first Countdown blog here) With less than three weeks to go, I thought it would be good to tell you a brief history of the Spring Festival.

In 1966, Dick Raaijmakers organised a series of events named ‘Rehearings’. The idea behind these was to show the composition students pieces he thought that they should know.

The following year, these such events were called ‘Herearings’, and the year after that they were named, ‘Reherearings’.

In 1969, the name development stopped and they were renamed the ‘May and October Concerts’, which gradually evolved into the May Festival (the October concerts were dropped).

Although the festival was initially in May, it was later moved to April, so to make things clearer the festival was renamed to the Spring Festival.

For this year’s festival there is a concert Rerehearings, which is on the 11th of April in the Arnold Schoenbergzaal, Royal Conservatoire from 15:00, more information can be found here.

Blog by: Patrick Ellis

Spring Festival Countdown

Spring Festival Countdown #1

Mar 13, 2018

It’s now less than a month until the Spring Festival! Each week I will be posting a short blog in the lead up to it, with each including information about the festival.

From the 9th to 13th of April there will be five days of exciting music from the Composition students at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, alongside performances from many artists and ensembles including the Scordatura Ensemble, But What About, The Hodiernal Quartet, Kluster 5 and Diderik Wagenaar.

We will celebrate Jan Boerman’s pioneership in electronic music, with performances of his Vlechtwerk and De Zee II. All in the wonderful acoustics of the Arnold Schönbergzaal.

More concerts will take place throughout the Royal Conservatoire and the Korzo Theatre.

Watch this space to be kept up to date with the newest developments concerning the festival. Under media you will also be able to find interviews with composers and impressions of rehearsals!

Blog post by: Patrick Ellis


KC Lab Concert – 19th February 2018

Feb 12, 2018

Welcome to the first blog of 2018!

Between now and the end of the academic year, I will write a blog post for each of the KC Lab and CASS Concerts, as well as the Spring Festival.

The first of these is next week’s KC Lab Concert, which begins at 19:30 in the Grote Zaal of the Korzo Theatre. Featuring works from KonCon composition students: James Alexandropolous-McEwan, Robert Coleman, Roché van Tiddens, Mári Mákó and Kasper De Oude.

Watch the video below for a trailer of the concert:



Blog post by: Patrick Ellis


Spring Festival 2017 in pictures

Apr 28, 2017

Want to see and hear what happened during this year’s Spring Festival? On the media page in the menu we will upload pictures and audio of several concerts!

See a first selection of pictures here, we will add more soon!