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The Time That Rests

The Time That Rests
But this I say, brethren, time came to rest,
the rest is, that even those having wives may be as not having,
and those weeping as not weeping,
and those rejoicing as not rejoicing,
and those buying as not possessing,
and those using the world as not using it up.
For passing away is the figure of this world.
But I wish you to be without concern.
[1 Corinthians, 7:29-32]

3. Sonata’s: [02], [04] and [09]
forgetting as not forgetting

4. La Recta Musica
In Memoriam Reinbert de Leeuw
reading as not been written

Cornelis de Bondt

You and I are troubled, but so is God. […]
God is Lonely, and He is a Suffering God. Everyone wants something of God, but nobody wonders how He is doing Himself. It may be that He drinks, or that He just does not drink at all. It can be the one, but also the other. So how can we judge?
If God drinks, then it is not without reason.
[Gerard Reve, The Book of Violet and Death]

Reading Jacques Rancière’s Le maître ignorant, some ten years ago, felt like being a student of myself. Below some quotes from the book which I had underlined in the book.
The one who seeks, will always find.
Educating by continuously verifying if the ignorant is still seeking. Possibly the students will not find what they are seeking, and surely they will not find what they should be finding, but they will always find something new, something they can connect with what they already know. The adventure of the trouvère.
‘I cannot do it’ is of no fact the name.
No matter who, no matter what – anyone can learn anything, anywhere. Laziness is the primary vice. Boredom is developing and practicing one’s imagination. The will to learn something, setting one’s intention, is the primary condition for acquiring knowledge.
Knowing is nothing, acting is everything.
Fools want ‘to be right’. Reason starts where discourses aiming at ‘being right’ end; and where equality is acknowledged.
Who relinquishes oneself, relinquishes oneself absolutely.
Power is power. One can use it in a reasonable way, but it is unreasonable to claim making her reasonable.
The truth consists of itself; she is what is and not that what is said.
Truth takes place in the act, and can only exist in the act, as a use, not as a possession. You cannot own truth, only experience it. Unlike power, truth cannot be a commodity.
Freedom: it is not given to us, it is taken.

1975 – 1984 ‘Ignorant Student’: Music Theory and Composition; Hein & Ineke Kien, Jan van Vlijmen, Louis Andriessen, Jan van Dijk, Diderik Wagenaar, Dick Raaijmakers.
1979 – 2019 ‘Ignorant Composer’: Bint, Karkas, Het Gebroken Oor, De Deuren Gesloten, Grand Hotel, Beethoven is Doof, De Tragische Handeling, Bloed II, Die Wahre Art, Bloed I, Gli Toccha la Mano, Das Lebewohl, Sonata’s, Quartett, … in nobis sine nobis…, La Recta Musica, DEUS.
1981 – 2020 ‘Ignorant Programmer’: DOS-Lab
1987 – 2020 ‘Ignorant Teacher’: Music Theory & Composition
2011 – 2014 ‘Ignorant Lawyer’: Erasing scores from the public domain in order to question the essence of musical heritage, through verdicts of several courts, including the Supreme Court [Raad van State]. For this I created The Atelier, with Yedo Gibson and Jeremiah Runnels, through which we prepared my lawsuits by actions in Amsterdam [Stedelijk Museum, Concertgebouw, Muziekgebouw in January 2013].

April 3 19:30


Arnold Schoenbergzaal, Royal Conservatoire

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