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Scordatura Ensemble / Fragments of a piano

Scordatura Ensemble
Scordatura Ensemble explores the idiosyncratic sound world of the American composer and microtonal pioneer Harry Partch (1901-1974), known for his self-built instruments and his innovative mood theories. The ensemble recreated a number of Partch’s instruments and learned to play them. Composition students from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague took up the challenge and were inspired to create new work.

Programme Scordatura Ensemble


Fragments of a Piano
The second outcome of a collaboration between the Kon Con composition and KABK fine art departments present (in happy co- production with Helicopter)
three pieces in which video scores and two deconstructed pianos are the protagonists. With: Hun Hyeon, Hugo Rodriguez, Filip Sternal, Dimitris Roubos, German Medina Calle, Orestes, Thomas van Dun, (coached by Channa Boon, Yael Levi and Yannis Kyriakides).

April 11 19:30


Korzo Theater

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