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It is just a funny project.

Everything is so different.

No name, just pleasure.

Steel or wood mostly.


I did not think about it.

Don’t put things on top.

9 points, well deserved.

Re: Sound.

No title at all. Citron soup.

Steel wave, cold like the sea.

Grote Kapsalon with kip.

Emergency exit free please

Check for updates.


Object noise.

Sound on purpose.

Please touch the object(s).

Feel free to play.

Instruments made with eyes and hands, no ears.

Ear objects.


I cannot feel my hands anymore, but it is alright, sleep tight.

Orchestra not found.


 This performance is an educational collaboration between the Royal Conservatory and Royal Academy of Arts, initiated by Martijn Padding and Gert Dumbar and supported by the Gemeente Den Haag.

March 31 19:30


Korzo Theater

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