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Modern Ensemble Singing / Under the same moon

Modern Ensemble Singing 

After all that is being done for voices, still there is so much to discover.
Composition students took the brave decision to explore the possibilities of a strange creature: the acappella Vocal Ensemble.
Not a choir, not only soloists: people singing together?!

Styles and genres mix in their palette of pieces, and their musical background and diverse ideas puts their performers in challenging situations.

The guinea-pigs: the 3rd year’s vocal students.

Keywords: questions, sign waves, impro, imitation, extended techniques, Latvian tongue twisters, music boxes, snow fall – here comes the sun, and of course long high notes soft and non-vibrato…

Time for vocal music!

‘Is it a good time? Is it a bad time?’

This project has been coached and led by Georgi Sztojanov

Photo by: Alp Klanten


Under The Same Moon

The human voice is one of the most beautiful instruments, but also one of the trickiest instruments to write for. In Under The Same Moon , 8 composers join singers of the second year to explore just that – the composers discover how to write for the voice, what colors and expression means are available, and the singers discover new ways of using their voice and theatrical talents. The result this year are 8 pieces, inspired this  year by a rich color palette – from Pop and Rap influences, from pieces rooted in Indonesian and Chinese influences to classical European, and all together create  a wonderful journey of musical encounters…

This project was coached by Noa Frenkel and Calliope Tsoupaki


April 4 19:30


Arnold Schoenbergzaal, Royal Conservatoire

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