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Kluster5 / Hodiernal Quartet / Universe Birds


The unusual instrumentation of The Hague based ensemble Kluster5 creates opportunities to explore many different styles of music; from contemporary classical to jazz and pop. By playing works written especially for the ensemble, the quintet brings a new and unheard sound. Kluster5 regularly works with composers of its own generation. The ensemble collaborates with leading artists from various disciplines, improvises and composes its own music.

Daan van Koppen – saxophone
Isa Goldschmeding – violin
Jennifer Heins – percussion
Martin van Hees – guitar
Tim Sabel – piano

Oscar Bouwmans – sound

Patrick EllisUnfolding Chamber Piece (6’)
The fourth ‘Un’ piece (previous titles of the ‘Un’ pieces: Untitled Ensemble Piece, Unnamed Ensemble Piece and Unbranded Ensemble Piece). Unfolding Chamber Piece is an abstract work characterised by different repetitive sections. Throughout the work, these either move from one to the other or are juxtaposed.

Remy AlexanderFRWRD / alles goed (7’)
This piece is based on the musical material of the song ‘alles goed’ by ‘En de Repelsteeltjes’. When I heard that I got to write for Kluster5 I wanted to give them something that they would enjoy and that would fit them well.
When I heard the song ‘alles goed’ again, I suddenly knew this was what the ensemble needed to play, so I took the information from the song and molded it into a kluster for five. I hope that I have succeeded in making something cool for myself and others.

João CeitilC Major (8’)
In which conditions are we able to perceive the identity of a certain musical apparatus such as a scale? This piece is about the probabilities that surround our perception and how easily our perception could shift between different ways of experiencing simple musical material such as a major scale. In that sense this piece is also about diversion and deception.

Thanakarn SchofieldRaindrops (7’)
This is something I remember from my childhood. On the very first day of the rainy season, which lasts from the late July until the end of October, a beautiful scene always appeared: the moisture rose up slowly from the ground into the air and the very peculiar scent of grass appeared. Suddenly, the golden light of the evening pierced slowly through the thick moisture, which transformed into golden dust that fell slowly from the sky. However, such a beautiful scene lasted only for a few minutes until the rain dropped and then everything was covered in darkness.

Martin van Hees ‘t Peerd van Ome Loeks (7’)
‘‘t Peerd van Ome Loeks’ is a statue in front of Groningen train station. This composition consists of 10 chords which are repeated in different rhythmic variations. This portraits the different ways of transportation over different periods in time. The long phrases represent the railway tracks and a smooth ride; the rhythmical part represents the cadence of riding a horse.

Hodiernal Quartet

Lauge DideriksenRemember/dismember/re-member  (9′)

Aino Tenkanen – Follow Me!  (8′)



Universe Birds

Yonatan RonSupra, et triplum (4-5’)
“Supra et triplum” are both terms referred to a soprano voice in the medieval times. The actual meaning of these two words is “higher & above”.
The text for “Supra, et triplum” is an 800 years old (ca.) quote by the famous Persian poet “Jalālad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī Rumi (جلال‌الدین محمد رومی)”,
And consist from one single sentence:
“There is a voice that does not use words, listen”
Supposing that this voice, to which “Rumi” refers, is the voice of the obscured & the hidden,
Led me to frame my material to the most (approximately) pure, fundamental musical intervals, by singing these, an enormously wide spectrum of very “higher and above” upper partials frequencies (overtones) can be heard.
(even though they are not being concisely sang).

Dimitris RoubusFormations (6-7’)

Robert ColemanLook at it other way round (11-12’)

The Universe Birds Vocal Ensemble is led by Georgi Sztojanov and consists of Kitty Lai, Pia Rener, Phoebe Kirrage, Gita Rebeka Dirveika, Ana Maria Lopes, and Carolina Luís



Kluster 5
Hodiernal Quartet

April 9 19:30


Korzo Theater, The Hague

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