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Ives & Rererehearings #1

Rererehearings #1 and Quarter Tone Pianos
2nd of April, 16:00 Arnold Schoenberg Hall

Dark Vocalise (2019)
for voice, live process and 5-channel fixed media
duration: 13′

Elena Lorenzi, voice
Sara Zamboni, composer and live process
Kaan Yazicı, audio engineer
Tomas Valečka, audio engineer

Dark Vocalise is a piece about working on the inner, deepest and also weakest part of female voice. The fundamentals of this piece are some warm-up exercises that are somehow standardized in vocal practice to “guarantee” the body to be ready to perform. My composition reflects in a different way about the main function of those repetitive and progressive series of sounds. I was trying to explore the condition of the voice when it is not ready to perform but it is already full of inner variations, instabilities and interesting nuances. All the sounds of this piece derive from the voice of Elena who had the patience of being in two different studios with me for long sessions (and still being supportive!).

After years of latency due to independent career and personal development, the voice and composition duo formed by Elena Lorenzi & Sara Zamboni strikes back! A fully staged music theatre composition based on voice, electronic music and dance is planned for 2020. Dark Vocalise is one of the four components of the programme.


Quarter-tone pianos Concert
2nd of April, 16:00 Arnold Schoenberg Hall

Carlos Castro van der Elst , Rakhadin Yarmetov

Coached by pianist Gerard Bouwhuis

– Carlos Castro van der Elst – Retrograded Sound Projection 6’

– Daniil Pilchen – Hardly Accordant 6’
The idea of the piece builds around an attempt of playing a perfect unison, which is impossible with that kind of tuning. Using different harmonics musicians play a sequence of dyads, going from a distance of 36.3 cents between two pitches to 1.3, which is technically still not a perfect unison, but audibly may be perceived as one.

– Maurizio Tedde – Geulincx towards the East 6’
I who had loved the image of old Geulincx, dead young, who left me free, on the black boat of Ulysses, to crawl towards the East, along the deck.

Rob Coleman – Diamond Cutting 7’
This work comprises of different cuttings from a musical object. The object is
formed from a numerical sequence based on the number of forms of polyiamonds
(essentially arrangements) that can be created from an equilateral triangle. The
cutting of the object was an intuitive process to reveal the beauty of the material
and as such I refer to the object as a diamond and the act of writing this work as
diamond cutting.

– Charles Ives – Three quarter-tone pieces
– Largo 4’
– Allegro 4’
– Choral 4’

April 2 16:00


Arnold Schoenbergzaal, Royal Conservatoire

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