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Fugâh / Bluebird (2019) – In One Act


The composition department presents a collaboration with the Dance department and the Early Music department of the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. Fugâh displays the   exciting trajectory three composers have faced to discover the beauty of Early Music instruments whilst writing for dance and movement. Together with three choreographers from the Dance department they present individual multi-disciplinary pieces.

Thomas van Dun
Haagse Suite
‘Haagse Suite’ or ‘The Hague Suite’ puts a contemporary spin on the musical baroque genre of the suites, showcasing a variety of characters and styles through different dances. By pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and diversity, Thomas van Dun pays hommage to the The Hague School tradition. Owen Bakula interprets the suite through his own variety of characters and movements.

Composer: Thomas van Dun
Choreographer and dancer: Owen Bakula

Pol van den Berg
Uit ‘t Urspronklijcke Ontloken
(Derived from the Source)

‘For me, ”the composer speaking”, is this composition a very mystical, intuitive and intimate approach
to the unity that I have experienced between sound and (body)movement, between music and dance,
and between the intuitive movements of the conductor, and the intuitive movements of the dancer.’

We, ‘the dancer and composer’ are exploring the space, improvising on/ with the music in a spontaneously made composition / choreography.

Dancer & Choreography: Patricia Gomes Rodrigues
Composer & Ensemble leader: Pol van den Berg

Myrto Nizami
“Three Dances for Baroque Ensemble”

”The piece was written in December 2018 and consists of three movements:
1.”Each step is miring me deeper”,
2. ”Shaping my shadow” and
3. ”Each step struggling to escape”.

Each part has a different character and energy and are inspired by Arthur Russell’s song, ”This is how we walk on the moon”.

The aim of the work is the exploration of the unique sound of the baroque instruments into a new context and the relation of the musical material and dramaturgy from the chosen titles. I am interested in working on verbal materials from which I can draw my musical ideas, looking for new paths of expressing the narration of a sound.

The three dances are choreographed and performed by Juul van Helvoirt creating an interacting canal between music and dance.


Conducting: Leonard Kwon

Recorder: Natthapong Sirisit

Oboe: Olga Kuznetcova

Horn: Nicolas Roudier

Violin: Placida Ho

Violone: Takumi Hiratsuka

Harpsichord: Eliot Dios Martinez

Leonard Kwon – Conductor
Leonard Kwon, born in U.S.A. and raised in South Korea, studied recorder and musicology at Seoul National University of Arts. He was deeply inspired by the early music movement and conductors as Frans Brüggen and Nicolas Harnoncourt, that he moved to the Netherlands and received his degree in recorder at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague and orchestral conducting at Amsterdam Conservatory.

Lately he was the assistant conductor for four productions with Dutch National Opera Academy (Mozart;Don Giovanni, Cosi fan tutte, Kulenty;The Mother of Black-Winged Dreams, Massenet; Cendrillon), and was one of the three selected candidates to work with Orchestra of the 18th century during the young conductors project. As a guest conductor he worked with Residentie Orkest and Gwangju Symphony Orchestra (Korea).
Leonard attended masterclasses of Daniele Gatti, Johannes Schlaefli, Michel Tabachnik, Nicolas Pasquet, Marc Albrecht and Jorma Panula.
From September 2017 he is part of the National Master in Orchestral Conducting program, a joint program of the Royal Conservatory of the Hague and Amsterdam Conservatory, mentored by Ed Spanjaard, Jac van Steen and Kenneth Montgomery.


Bluebird (2019) – In One Act

A conceptual space is created in which we are invited to imagine the moment before life is breathed into a being for the first time.

These anatomical bodies of creatures have been evolving through time – with no clear path to guide their development. Their last challenge before stepping through to the world of the living? To learn how to survive.

Bluebird shows the fragility of pure naivety, instinct in these beings brings forth playfulness but also questions the importance and the birthplace of our strongest instinct. As a reminder of their impermanence, the presence of a blue sun – a dazzling energy – lingers above their heads, calling to them.

For Bluebird, the D.N.A. collective has created an immersive experience in which the movements, sounds, senses, emotions and thoughts of our characters will be blurred artistically through the use of dance, electronics, light and fabric. We look to play between these media in the theatre space, as a means of narrating a story within the multidimensional mind and body.


People involved:

Creative team
Composer and Creative Director:
Domenic Jarlkaganova

Ana Francisca Costa

Production Manager:
Nina van Rossem (The Netherlands)

Costume Designer:
Mariana Anacleto


Performative team
Patrícia G. Rodrigues, Emmily van Horssen, Orlando Rosado, Sergio Oñate G., Nano P. Alonso & Luciano Varela

Audio Tech Team:
Tomas Valečka +TBA

Lighting Design Team:
Erik Brinkhorst, Joep de Jong

Special Thanks:
Erika Bordon and Martijn Padding –
for allowing for this project to happen and nurturing the environment that allowed our performance and ALL the works of others to grow within this school, year after year.

April 1 19:30


Kees van Baarenzaal, Royal Conservatoire

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