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Vlechtwerk – Jan Boerman / Ensemble Royaal


Vlechtwerk – Jan Boerman (1988, new 8-channel version by Kees Tazelaar, 2012)

Octet for wind instruments (1923) – Igor Stravinsky


New works by David Azaglo, Karmit Fadael, Brisa Fumero Gonzalez, Thanakarn Schofield and Max van Platen


Vlechtwerk (1988, new 8-channel version by Kees Tazelaar, 2012)

The choice and the arrangement of the material for Vlechtwerk were made with the help of the sound diagram that I also used for Kompositie 1979; not only to create oppositions but also to be able to link sounds that have different natures. In Vlechtwerk, I used purely electronic sounds as well as recordings of instruments, among others piano, cymbals, triangles and bass drum. At certain points these instruments are clearly recognizable, but mostly they have been alienated from their origin through the intervention of the equipment. The electronic sounds, on the other hand, have sometimes acquired an instrumental acoustic form, which makes them sound like a tremolo on strings or a blow to a metal sheet. The intertwining of these hybrid sounds with purely electronic and acoustical sounds is a characteristic of this composition. Vlechtwerk was composed for eight soundtracks, which should preferably be projected live into a rather large auditorium.

From the booklet of The Complete Tape Music of Jan Boerman, CV-NEAR 04/05/06/07/08

April 13 19:30


Arnold Schoenbergzaal, Royal Conservatoire

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