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A Paradise built in hell

The music theater work ‘A Paradise built in Hell’ is the result of an intensive collaboration between students from the composition department of the Royal Conservatory, students from the Royal Academy for Visual Arts and the internationally renowned Ensemble Klang.
ased on the much talked-about book by Rebecca Solnit that discusses the relationship between man and nature in an original way. Solnit states that the major natural disasters have an indelible influence on our society, but that positive processes are also created that aim at a less authoritarian world in which cooperation and locality are essential. > The Greenland mega tsunami, Ice melting, China floods and landslides and Hurricane Irma are reviewed in four consecutive tableaux. The diversity in the theatrical and musical approach by the different groups of students yields an exceptionally colorful total and promises to be a very special event.

April 2 19:30


Korzo Theater

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