Sold out Spring Festival concert

Apr 03, 2019 by SFTH in  reportage

When we arrived at Korzo and ran into a queue we got a small panic attack.

“We don’t have to buy tickets right? This is a free concert’. Soon we found out that we indeed didn’t have to pay and we could breathe again.

But then it was time for our second panic attack:

The lady behind the desk, couldn’t let us in. There was not a single ticket for this concert left.

While we were processing this information (we kind of couldn’t believe it was true) the queue behind us kept growing.

It was filled with all kinds of people of all ages: We are public-members, radio 4-listeners, KABK students, some teachers, and composition students like us, who were completely surprised by this big crowd of people in the foyer of Korzo.

I guess all of us had mixed feelings, we were happy that this concert was such a big success.

Amazed by the fact that there are apparently still so many people interested in new art and music. But at the same time we felt expelled from our own festival. Our seats were taken over by “the outsiders”…

While Martijn Padding was giving his second anti-Baudet speech of the week, we stayed as close to the ticket desk as possible, full of self-pity, and trying to let our puppy-eyes work in on the lady behind it.

It worked!

Before the end of the speech she gave us the two tickets that were left, which were reserved by the people that didn’t show up.

In the end most of the people from the queue could also find a place in the hall, because there were a lot of empty chairs left.

And I am so unbelievably happy that I didn’t miss this ‘Paradise Built In Helll’ because I found it really amazing!

Blogpost by Eva Beunk

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