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Spring Festival 2020

Due to the Corona virus, part of our yearly Spring Festival will take place online on April 14-16. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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About the Spring Festival

Watch live video from springfestivalonline on www.twitch.tv

We are organizing the event because we want to continue presenting the pieces we have worked on all year to the best of our ability. Unfortunately this year, we were not able to perform them in The Hague due to the COVID-19 crisis. With this, it is obvious that worse yet, many of the pieces we have are simply not adaptable, and so have to be held off for a different day. However, we are looking to keep the spirit of the composition department alive and celebrate what we can do rather than cannot.

We see this as an opportunity to explore a wide range of possible networked concert situations: from fixed-media pieces and solo performances to ensemble pieces played by people from different countries, pieces with live electronics, and sound installations. And, since for many of us this online format  is unknown territory, we’re exploring it not only from the qualities of the medium itself but also from imagining a general concert situation and how we can “replicate” that in this medium. This approach is really interesting and it doesn’t exclude the spirit of exploration. By tailoring the technology to our needs, we’re discovering something unknown to us and finding ways to employ it in our music.

We’re having participants who are currently staying in many countries throughout the northern hemisphere. During the concerts, we’re not only playing together but having transitions from one “set” of places to another, offering a journey and connecting with people from many different places in real time. Yet, we’re trying to keep the continuity of the concert situation and we want to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

This is also made possible thanks to Studio LOOS, who offered us their help and their space with a high-quality internet connection. Firstly, as a hub that reroutes all the sound and video from participants to the viewers, and secondly, as a space that will host some of the performances.

Pieces we have prepared: Performers/Improvisers with Electronics, Live electronics, Live electronics with Vocalists, Acoustic performers streamed from across the world, 8 Channel Sound Installation, Fixed Media/visual pieces, Pieces for Philosophical Ponderings and Broadcasting Shenanigans from private spaces 

Composers: Eva Beunk, Hidde Kramer, Robert Coleman, Daniil Pilchen, Yóuell Domenico, Arie Verheul van de Ven, Myrto Nizami, Harry Golden, Wilf Amis, Tilen Lebar, Ábel Fazekas

Artists/performers: Mieke Robroeks, Erik Kamaletdinov, Pim Piët, Maarten Bauer, Amba Klapwijk, Jeroen Spieker, Sterre Decru, Ruth Mareen, Sasha Elina, Seamus Cater, Vasilisa Filatova, Cody Takács

Happy watching!

The organizing team: Danill Pilchen, Domenic Jarlkaganova, Hidde Kramer, Arie Verheul-van de Ven, Sóley Sigurjónsdóttir

Artists and Ensembles

Robert Coleman
Julian Maple-Oliveira
Domenic Jarkaganova
Martín Mayo
Eva Beunk
Celia Swart
Georgi Sztojanov
Esther Wu