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Spring Festival 2019

1-5 April 2019, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague

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About the Spring Festival

Description of the Spring Festival 2018

The 51st edition of our Spring festival is again bursting with vitality this year. In addition to the huge amount of new works produced in recent months by the students of the Composition Department for the most diverse line-ups, special attention is paid to the work of Jan Boerman, who will turn 95 in June this year.

Jan Boerman (the only Dutch composer who could ever expect Karlheinz Stockhausen’s admiration) is one of the real Dutch pioneers of electronic music and has taught composition at the Royal Conservatory for decades. From Boerman, De Zee II and Vlechtwerk are diffused by Kees Tazelaar in the Arnold Schönbergzaal.

Diderik Wagenaar makes himself heard as a pianist in his new work ‘Seven inconveniences’ , a cycle of short piano pieces and will then for the first time perform his special ‘Thelonious Monk medley’. The result of a long, in-depth study of the ‘good wrong notes’.

The young ensembles Kluster5 and But what about present themselves with flashy student work. Ensemble Scordatura, one of the world’s most important groups for microtonal music and knows of its interpretations of compositions by Harry Partch, bring a new program with student works based on tuning and intonation.

Improvisation is represented by the performance of the Improv lab class led by Oscar Jan Hoogland. Ensemble Royaal brings Stravinsky’s octet in context with four newly composed octets.

Larissa Groeneveld’s Cello Collective, Michael Zemstov’s Viola Ensemble and Georgi Sztojanov’ s Universe Birds present the results of intense collaborations with the composition class.
Yannis Kyriakides and his students collaborated with students from the KAKB in an installation in which two disassembled pianos play a leading role.

In the run-up to the relocation of the Royal Conservatoire to a new building on the Spui plein in the near future, the Spring Festival 2018 will be the perfect moment to visit our old building again and to experience how beautiful the Arnold Schönbergzaal sounds and to realize how much musical history has been written at the Juliana van Stolberglaan 1 in The Hague.

Artists and Ensembles

But What About
Scordatura Ensemble
Hodiernal Quartet
Paolo Griffin
Robert Coleman
Julian Maple-Oliveira
Domenic Jarkaganova